The #1 virtual self platform on mobile

Join the world’s largest avatar community, with millions of user-generated avatars and environments. Every day, people log in to #ME to create rooms and games, style their avatars and keep in touch across #ME’s many social features.



The new social media

Join player-made rooms for real-time virtual chat or keep in touch throughout the day with a feature-rich inbox. Add content to your profile by sharing virtual and IRL experiences on the Newsfeed!


A million ways to express yourself

Style your avatar to look like you – or someone totally different! Select from thousands of clothing and furniture items to create millions of possible combinations that express the unique you.


News feed, messenger or chat room – chat how you want

Imagine Instagram, Facebook Messenger and a deep virtual world all rolled into one. That’s #ME!


Build your world

Build unique environments out of thousands of building blocks. Design the world of your dreams, build intricate mazes, or host real-time games.


New events weekly

Immerse yourself in new content every single week. From fashion walk-offs to casino games, you have a world of possibilities to choose from.